1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1. The Regulations shall set forth the rules for the use of the Online Store by the Customers. 1.2. These Regulations shall constitute regulations as defined in Article 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on Rendering Electronic Services (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 144, Item 1204, as amended) and shall also govern the terms for the conclusion of Sale Contracts in the Online Store. 1.3. The Online Store shall be operated by: Mausi&Co. Sp. z o.o. 80-368 Gdańsk, entered into the Central Registry and Information on Business Activities of the Republic of Poland, kept by the minister in charge of economic matters, with NIP 5842733616 and REGON 221988701 and e-mail address: 1.4. The Service Provider shall provide through the Online Store the following Electronic Services: 1.4.1. Interactive form which allows the Customers to place an Order in the Online Store. 1.5. The Customer shall be prohibited from supplying content of unlawful nature. 1.6. The Customer shall be under an obligation to enter data consistent with the facts. 1.7. The Customer shall be under an obligation to use the Online Store in a manner that is lawful and in accordance with best practices, in respect of personal property and intellectual property rights of third persons. 2. Provision of Services 2.1 A Contract of Electronic Service shall be concluded at the time when the aforesaid Service begins to be used (adding of a Product to the cart). 2.2 The Contract of Electronic Service, defined as making available the interactive form allowing for placing an Order in the Online Store, shall be concluded for a fixed period of time and shall be terminated upon placement of the Order. 3. TERMS OF CONCLUSION OF A SALE CONTRACT 3.1. Notices, advertisements, price lists and other information on the Products provided on the websites of the Online Store, in particular the descriptions, technical and operational parameters and prices thereof, shall constitute an invitation for the conclusion of a contract, as defined in Article 71 of the Polish Civil Code. 3.2. The price of a Product shown on the website of the Online Store shall be provided in Polish zloty and contain all components, including the VAT. However, the prices of the Products shall not include the delivery charges, which – if present – shall be indicated during the placing of the order. 3.3. The price of a Product shown on the website of the Online Store shall have binding force upon placement of the Order by the Customer. Such price shall not change, regardless of any price changes in the Online Store that may occur with regard to any specific Products following the placement of the Order by the Customer. 3.4. In order to conclude a Product Sale Contract, the Customer must select a Product and place the Order based on the messages and information displayed to the Customer, using the interactive form. 3.4.1. During the placement of the Order, the following data necessary for the placement of the Order must be provided: full name, address (street name, house number, place name including its postal code), contact telephone number, Product name, Product quantity, destination and delivery method for the Product, payment method. 3.5. The Order shall be placed using the interactive form upon clicking of the “ORDER” field in the form. 3.6. Upon placement of the Order, the Seller shall immediately confirm the receipt thereof and accept the Order for processing – at such time a Sale Contract shall be concluded. The receipt of the Order shall be confirmed and the Order shall be accepted for processing by sending to the Customer an appropriate notice at the e-mail address provided during the placement of the Order. 3.7. During the placement of the Order using the interactive form – until the placement is complete – the Customer may modify the data entered. 4. DELIVERY 4.1. If a Sale Contract is concluded, the Product will be delivered no later than within the time limit provided with each Product, counting from the day on which the order is fully paid. 4.2. The Seller will deliver Products as selected by the Customer. 4.3. The Products shall be available for delivery on the territories of the EU and the USA. 4.4. The delivery charges will be explicitly indicated during the process of placing the order. 4.6. The methods for delivery outside of Poland – on the territories of the EU and the USA – shall be specified with each Product available in the Store in case of ordering single items. For larger orders, such methods shall be determined individually depending on the weight and size of the order. More information available at: 5. PAYMENT 5.1. The Seller shall make the following payment methods available: 5.1.1. Bank transfer (the data for the Seller's bank account are shown on the website of the Store and in the e-mail message sent to the Customer upon placement of an Order). 5.1.2 PayPal 6. RIGHT TO RENOUNCE THE CONTRACT 6.1. A Customer, being also a Consumer, who has concluded a Sale Contract may renounce such Contract without stating a reason, by making an appropriate declaration within 14 days. Such time limit shall be deemed met provided that the declaration is sent prior to the expiration thereof. The above right may be exercised be the Consumer by sending a declaration of renouncement at the address:; or at: Mausi&Co. ul. Grunwaldzka 76/78 lokal 416 80-244 Gdańsk, Poland. 6.2. The fourteen day period within which the Consumer may renounce the Sale Contract shall be counted from the day on which the Product is delivered. 6.3. In the event of renouncement of the contract, the Contract of Electronic Service shall be deemed not concluded and the Customer shall be released from any and all of the Customer's obligations. Whatever the Parties have furnished, shall be returned unchanged. 6.4. The Seller will make a return to a bank account number indicated by the Consumer. 6.5 If the goods are returned, the costs of delivering such goods to the store shall be borne by the Customer. If the order is cancelled prior to the shipping thereof, the entire amount, including the shipping charges, shall be returned to the Customer. 6.6 If the goods are replaced, the costs of delivering the goods returned to the store and the costs of re-shipping the new goods shall be borne by the Customer. 7. COMPLAINT PROCEEDINGS PROCEDURE 7.1. Claims arising from a Product being inconsistent with the Sale Contract. 7.1.1. The Seller shall be liable to a Customer, who is a natural person who purchases the Product for a purpose unrelated to any professional and/or business activities, for any inconsistencies of the Product with the Sale Contract to the extent set forth in the Act of 27 July 2002 on Special Terms and Conditions of Consumer Sales and on Amendments to the Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 141, Item 1176, as amended). 7.1.2. Claims arising from a Product being inconsistent with the Sale Contract may be submitted in writing at the address: Mausi&Co ul. Grunwaldzka 76/78 80-244 Gdańsk, Poland; or via e-mail at the address: 7.1.2. The Seller will address the claim within no more than two weeks from receipt thereof. The Seller's response concerning the claim shall be sent at the e-mail address provided by the Customer. 7.1.3 The costs of returning of the goods for claim purposes shall be agreed upon individually with the Store and borne by the Seller.
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